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    Liverpool International Horse Show

    I have had the pleasure of attending this event for the last two years, I was very much looking forward to attending on New Years eve afternoon. Towards the end of the superb afternoon show the Horses were evacuated into
  • Retraining of Race Horses

    I was delighted to read an article about the Queen reviewing the Kings troop Royal Artillery, one of her own ex Race Horses was on parade in his new Military career A great story and good publicity to get the
  • Look after yourself John

    Very glad to see that one of my sporting Heros, John Whitaker is on the mend after his nasty fall on Saturday.
  • Yipeee !

    I’ve just read that there will be Dressage at the Liverpool international Horse show, I can’t wait, a great addition to an already brilliant show, I’m off to book my tickets !
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    R I P Toytown :-(

    R I P  Toytown, an outstanding Horse. I am sure Zara and her team are bereft, such a lovely Horse and an amazing Athlete.